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August 4, 2022



The Campaign for Our Shared Future’s Statement On Recent Inaccurate Reporting


Washington, D.C. - Today, the Campaign for Our Shared Future released the following statement in response to recent news stories.

“Due to inaccuracies in recent reporting, we would like to provide clarity on our work and operations.

“The Campaign for Our Shared Future is a 501c3 created in October 2021. A 501c4 was created in May 2022 and is still in its early stages of development. The vast majority of our work and expenditures are c3 and have nothing to do with elections, and not the congressional or senate races, focusing instead on protecting the ability of K-12 schools to serve all of their students effectively.

“COSF is nonpartisan. We do not support Democrats or Republicans. Our c4 is only created to focus on school board races, which are also mostly nonpartisan, and not the other elections this year. Our c4 will support school board candidates committed to preserving meaningful content and dedicated to safety and educational access for all children. Our c3 work brings allies from all points on the political spectrum together in support of a high-quality, age-appropriate, and accessible K-12 education for every child in this country.

“COSF is not connected to – nor funded by – any Democratic organizations, structures, or political committees.”



The Campaign for Our Shared Future (COSF) is a non-partisan effort to support high quality K-12 education and preserve access, inclusion, and meaningful content in our schools so that every student has an opportunity to succeed and thrive. COSF is a common ground effort committed to fighting the attack on education across the country. 

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