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COSF Facts


The Campaign for Our Shared Future (COSF)


501(c)3 nonprofit organization


October 2021

Sister Organizations

The Campaign for Our Shared Future Action Fund (COSF-AF) dedicated to electing pro-equity candidates to school boards around the country.


COSF operates in all 50 states addressing significant opportunites and needs. At any given time there are 10-15 states, where school stakeholders at all levels have requested additional support in their efforts to protect what is great in their schools from outside attack.


The Campaign for Our Shared Future is a non-partisan, common ground effort fighting for the right of every child to an inclusive and high-quality education that prepares them for success in work and life and strengthens the foundation of our multiracial democracy.

We combine deep expertise in K-12 education, communications, campaigns, and organizing to provide the strategic coordination and rapid-response capacity essential to defend public education from the all-out political assault now underway and gathering strength.


Executive Director: Heather Harding, Ed.D.

Senior Advisor and Co-founder: Eliza Byard, Ph.D.


Policy: COSF monitor's legislation moving through states and listens to the hearings and testimony from the public.


Partnerships: COSF provides partners with financial support and resources such as message training and background briefings, and the organization embeds its staff in their projects.

Field: COSF mobilizes individuals and trains them to be advocates, and it educates voters about the issues and candidates in key elections.


Communication: COSF tells stories through traditional and digital media about real families caught in the middle of bad policy and political games.

Educator Defense Fund: COSF provides a central rapid-response resource of support services for educators, superintendents, and school board members under attack by extremists. 

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