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Join the Fight for Public Education

Radical politicians are waging a war against our kids’ education. The Campaign for Our Shared Future envisions a world where every child — no matter their color, background, or ZIP code — has the right to an inclusive, high-quality education. If you agree, JOIN US by adding your email to receive updates and ways to take action.

Current Actions

Every movement needs a first step. We promote digital advocacy campaigns that work to protect public education in communities around the country. Once you learn more about the issues and how you can do more, our team will work with you to take action beyond signing petitions.

Click on an action below to learn more.

Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear from you. What are your feelings on the state of education in America? Have you or someone you know been affected directly by attacks on education? Telling us your story will help us better advocate for inclusive public schools that enable every child to succeed.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for advocacy. We read every story submitted to us. So if you do decide to share, be on the look out for a message from us. We may want to help you find ways to amplify your voice to drive impact. Thank you for telling your story!

Partner With Us

It takes a network of like-minded organizations to work toward a better school for every child. That is why we actively work to increase the capacity of other organizations to support their communities. On both the national and local levels, we support, equip, and fund partners who share our values and goals. 

Our partners span an ideologically diverse range of stakeholders across the country who seek to build common ground.

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