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October 24, 2022 



The Campaign for Our Shared Future’s Statement On Historically Low Scores on Nation’s Report Card


Washington, D.C. - Today, Campaign for Our Shared Future Executive Director Heather Harding released the following statement in response to the “massive drop” in test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Report Card


“Every child - no matter their background - deserves access to a high quality, age-appropriate education. The test scores announced by the National Assessment of Educational Progress proves that we are failing to provide that. 


“Our students, families, and teachers have had to work together to overcome unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They had to pivot and adapt while also dealing with ongoing mental health, school safety, and school funding crises. In spite of all this, families and schools showed an unwavering commitment toward helping our children succeed. But instead of getting the support they need to continue managing the effects of the pandemic, our students are being used by opportunistic extremist politicians. 


“These out-of-touch and career-driven politicians have hijacked our nation’s schools and school boards. They’ve launched a full-on attack on our kids’ education — and sadly, the children most often targeted and attacked by these political extremists are also some of our most vulnerable.


“Our students will need everyone working together to get them back on track. That means ending the relentless culture war fights that distract from our students' needs, sow division and fear, and undermine the very support our students need to succeed.”


The Campaign for Our Shared Future (COSF) is a non-partisan effort to support high quality K-12 education and preserve access, inclusion, and meaningful content in our schools so that every student has an opportunity to succeed and thrive. COSF is a common ground effort committed to fighting the attack on education across the country.

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