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Every child deserves an inclusive, meaningful education that supports their health, learning, and success in life. An excellent K-12 education, inclusive of and accessible to all, is the foundation of a healthy multi-racial democracy. The Campaign for Our Shared Future fights for equitable, anti-racist programs, practices, and policies that sustain schools and ensure opportunity for every child and a brighter future for us all.

Our Goals

Stop harmful  anti-education policy from being introduced, passed and implemented at the local, state and federal level

Educate and organize partners from across industries, sectors,  and communities to support high-quality, inclusive

K-12 education

Shift the narrative about schools to center the needs of children and the positive impact of a shared inclusive education experience for our democracy

Build, mobilize, and strengthen a network of national & local organizations to increase a powerful, sustainable constituency for free, inclusive, & excellent 

K-12 schools

Homework Help


Not sure where to start? Track what’s going on in your state and look at our tools to help you fight for your child's right to learn.

Support Us

Help us keep politics out of the classroom. The other side is well-organized and well-funded. They will not rest until lesson plans come straight from the statehouse.

Doing Homework

Partner With Us

Does your organization believe in high quality and age-appropriate education? We want to work with you.

Take Action

Stand with us against the political activists who want to erase history.  Join the movement to give parents a voice in their children's education.

The fight for our
schools affects us all

All over the country, radical politicians are actively working to silence families and destroy public schools. Check out the latest opportunities to make your voice heard.  

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